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Beauty Must: HD Brows

HD Brows, Cara Delevingne

It’s the year of the brow. Eyebrows are fuller, bushier and more coloured in than ever. Cara Delevingne has acted as a sort of eyebrow hero, paving the way for women worldwide to let themselves go a bit hairy. As a result, limp linear brows are gone. Now its all about big and beautiful.

HD brows have been around for a while, but they haven’t been getting the exposure that they really deserve. HD brows is a 7-step process that takes your brows from zero to hero. The whole process is about achieving a brow that shapes your face, is well groomed and colour matched to your features. Since we like to keep our style girls so well informed, we have the 7 steps set out for you here.


Your therapist will determine what shape best suits your face. It is not a one size fits all girls!Β  Β 


This is the fun bit. Make sure you get a peek at yourself in the mirror at this step because its pretty terrifying! Your therapist will apply the tint, that will best compliment your hair colouring. This is the time for relaxation and marination.


Beauty is pain, as the saying so famously goes. Waxing hurts, but it is such a quick and important step to the HD brow process. Furthermore, waxing is an imperative weaponΒ to achieving the perfect arch.


Trimming isΒ the hair cut equivalent for the eyebrows. You will feel so tidy and groomed afterwards!


Threading is awesome. It is a method of hair removal originating from Asia, and it is really quite fascinating to watch. The results are achieved through the use of a thread, and it is a really great tool for grooming.


We are all familiar with a tweezers. The tweezers are used to tidy up, but there shouldn’t be much to pluck by this stage.


Finally, the process is complete and it is time for some aftercare. Your therapist may apply a soothing lotion to your brows and brush some mineral makeup over the skin, to reduce the red appearance. Now all it is time to do, is call the girls and organise a night out. After all, these eyebrows are too hot to hide away.

Most therapists recommend coming back for a repeat visit every 4 to 6 weeks. Happy HD Brows!

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