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How To: Green Smokey Eyes

how to eyeshadow

Nothing looks as good as a smokey makeup look. It suits everyone and there’s something so sexy and sultry about it. Your typical smokey eyes come in darker neutral colours … but did you know that that also look super stunning when they’re done with a little colour?

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See how to get this sexy green smokey eye inspired by beauty YouTuber Chrisspy…and did I mention it was super easy!

how to eyeshadow

  1. First things first. When you do a smokey eye it looks better and lasts longer when you prime your eyelids. Take your favourite eye primer and prep your eye, then make sure you set it with a loose powder or skin toned eyeshadow.
  2. Now the fun begins! Take a neutral matte eyeshadow colour like a beige, and buff it into the crease of your eyelids with a fluffy brush. This will act as a transition for the colours added to eyeshadow
  3. Now go in with a green sticky base on your eyelid, something similar to a Maybelline Colour Tattoo like the one above. Use your finger to pat it onto your eyelid, making sure you don’t cover that previous crease colour.
  4. Next it’s time to go in with the green eyeshadow. Using a colour similar to the Sleek palette above, pack the light green colour onto the sticky base. This will make sure the green colour doesn’t fade.
  5. Now to create some dimension use a darker green like the one above and use a pencil brush to buff this colour into the outer V of your eye. With what’s left on the brush run it through your crease to bring the look together.
  6. When your eyelid is done and all buffed out its time to pay some attention to your lower lash line. Take a pencil brush and that darker green colour and run it all along your lower lash line. If the colour is looking too green for you, you can buff it out with that beige you used in the crease.
  7. Follow up with your usual face makeup, mascara, and the look is complete!

how to eyeshadow

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