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Our Latest Style Crush: Bella Thorne

Actress, Singer, Writer

Our latest ‘IT’ girl this week is Bella Thorne. Why? She’s only 18 and has already featured in movies, has written and published three books and she recently came out to the public that she is bisexual… Need I say more?

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1. Hollywood Career

Actress, Singer, Writer

Bella Thorne has featured in a number of movies, mainly in the horror genre but at least she is the lead role. She has two movies to be released in 2016 and a number of roles in 2017. She’s really making a name for herself and we can’t wait to see more of her!

2. Writing Career

Actress, Singer, Writer

Bella is a published author. She wrote three books as a series called ‘Autumn Falls‘. A classic high school romance and cliques story line. They have been a success and we hope that she publishes more in the future!

3. Personal Life

Actress, Singer, Writer

She was diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade and since then she’s overcome it by reading anything she could get her hands on. She’s also an ambassador for Neutrogena. Moving on to her dating life – she dated Gregg Sulkin for 2 years and then, on August 23 this year, came out as bi-sexual on Twitter.

4. Quirky Street Style

Actress, Singer, Writer, Street Style

Bella has been snapped by the paps out and about in L.A. She looks chic and has her own unique quirky street style! Here she is snapped in high-waisted torn denim jeans, a top that looks like a sports bra (revealing lots of skin), a denim jacket and cat ears. It seems that she doesn’t care who sees her and embraces her quirky style!

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