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Get The Look: New Season Sunglasses

Sun glasses, Chic

No matter what season, sunglasses are essential. We can’t go without them and, lucky for us, there’s many designs and shapes to choose from. Love them? Read on for the hottest brands you can wear this season.

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Aviator Chic Style

Sunnies, Aviator

Aviator ones are super hot! Why? They’re stylish and can go with any outfit style. The best would have to be on the go. It’s round, therefore it covers your eyes, which is perfect for the sun’s glares. Plus, you will look and feel like a pilot babe.

Funky Brow line

Sunnies, Browline

Brow lines are perfect. The top piece adds a different element to this simple look. Choose any colour or design you want to reveal some boldness. They’re see-through, which gives you a chance to reveal your eyes.

Sexy Cat Eye

Sunnies, Cat Eye

Cat eye ones are amazing! They’re shaped like cat ears, which adds a unique element to a plain look. They’re not see through, which adds mystery. They’re so classy and come in many colours and designs. For a elegant colour, wear black ones. For sex appeal, wear a animal print design.

Round Bug Eye Sunnies

Sunnies, Bug Eye

This would have to be my favorite style because it’s so round and even covers half of your cheek. It stands out and let’s face it, it’s glamorous. Choose any colour and design you love or a thin or thick metal frame. There’s many options – for a plain look – wear a thin metal white frame. For a more bold look, wear a thick metal frame with a pattern or animal print.

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