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Get the Look: Spring Bikinis

Spring is just around the corner and the warm weather returns. We can go back to the beach now without freezing and wearing layers of clothing.Β Get ready to spend your days on the beach with these sexy spring themed bikinis:

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1. Plunging Neck Lines

Spring, Bikinis, Plunging Neckline

This two-piece plunging neckline bikini gives you a chance to reveal your shoulders and cleavage during the warm days. You will look sexy and to spice it up! Wear a bold different coloured piece with designs or shapes on them. A polka dot design will make you really stand out!

2. One-Piece Cut-Out

Spring, Bikinis, Cut Out

One-piece cut-outs are perfect, as they are super stylish for a one piece and they reveal some skin. There are many different shapes, colours and designs to choose from.

For a elegant and stylish style, go for a black colored piece with a skin revealing waist. For a bold style, go for a multi colored one with a pattern or design of your choice. Whichever style you choose, you will look sexy and stylish.

3. Bikini Prints

Spring, Bikinis, Print

Bikini print pieces are super sexy, as they reveal your weather mood and it will give you a bold look.Β There are so many prints to choose from, from floral to polka dots and stripes. In a tropical mood, wear a tropical floral design. You will look great! For a simple design, go for a polka dot or stripes design, as it will be simple but you will still stand out with the colour scheme you choose!

4. Old-School Crochet Bikinis

Spring, Bikinis, Crochet Style

Go old-school by wearing a wool crocheted swim piece. It’s still popular now days. The fabric will be super soft and you can choose any patterns and colour you want.

You can reveal some skin by keeping your sides and curves in the open and for a extra tummy reveal, choose a pattern that is open.Β Go to the beach or pool parties wearing these bikini styles and you will look sexy, bold and stylish!

Images: Target and Pinterest

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