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Get The Look: Hot Nail Art

Get the Look, Nail art Designs

Nail art designs are super hot right now and they add extra spice to your look. You can mix colours and styles for parties, events and everyday. They’re awesome, easy to do and super trendy.

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Read more for pretty and cool art designs for ideas on how to design your own nails.


1. Simple Everyday Nail Designs

Get The Look, The Best, Nail Art Designs

When in a no fuss mood, choose some simple designs, which will still make your nails look good. Stripes, shapes and even two colours will be the way to go.

Use different colours when using stripes, it will be colourful and bright and make you look super cool. Choose colours or designs that match the weather and your mood. Even though its a simple look, you can still be bold and creative.

2. Themed Nail Designs

Get the Look: The Best, Nail art Designs, Themed

Whatever you love showcase it on your nails. There are awesome nail designs that you could buy for any theme.

Love food? Have a different food type for each nail. Love movies or superheroes, display that obsession on your nails. It’ll be colorful, bold and let everyone know what you obsess over.

Added bonus, at a themed party, you can design your nails to match the theme. Have fun and go crazy!

3. Glitter And Sparkle

Get The look, Nail Art Designs, Glitter, party

Want to really shine at a party? Add Glitter to your nails. It will make your nails sparkle under the lights.

Be bold and creative and I would recommend using gold, silver and red glittered nail polish as it will really make you stand out in the crown and of course you will look super stylish and trendy. Add some gems to a nail or two for elegance.

It’s super easy, you can either buy a glitter nail kit pack or buy a nude pack and just add glitter nail polish.

Step outside with a simple or themed everyday nail designs and party up a storm with glitter sparkled nails. Don’t forget to mix it up each week or month and have fun!

Images: Instagram @caseynails, @cherlloyd, @shaym

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