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Get The Look: Hottest Lipstick Colours

Lipstick, Vubrant, Bold, Gothic, Aqua

Lipstick is a must have! It makes your lips stand out and look super sexy. From vibrant and bold colours to darker shades, and even blue and black, there’s a shade to suit you.

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Read more for the hottest colours for each style and mood:

1. Vibrant Red

LipStick, Vibrant, Red

Bold dark red is bold and vibrant. It makes you stand out and plus you will look sexy. It will really finish off your make up style nicely and give your look an extra glam.

Be bold and add some dark red to your pouty lips! Plus red lipstick is Taylor Swift’s signature look.

2. Pretty Pink

Lipstick, Pink, Pretty

In a girly, flirty mood, pink is the way to go. Add some blush to your cheeks and the pink lipstick will give your cheeks a rosy look. Perfect for a flirty style!

You will look beautiful and there are many different pinks to choose from, from light pink to bright pink and even neon pink!

3. ChocolateΒ Brown

Lipstick, Chocolate, Brown

If your make up style is a lighter shade of brown colours and a bronze glow, chocolate brown lipstick is the way to go. There’s many different shades to choose from, from dark brown to light brown, mocha brown and chocolate brown.

It will give you a edgy but still super sexy look!

4. AquaΒ Colours

Lipstick, Colour, Aqua, Blue and Green

In a breezy and fresh mood, green and blue colour lipstick is for you! This will really make you stand out, as it is bold and really vibrant. You can pull it off with the right colour eyeliner, eye shadow and blush for your style and you will look sexy and fresh.

It’s always nice to spice up your look with all out their styles but with the right way, you can pull it off and it’s always good to try new styles!

5. Gothic Black

Hottest, lipsticks, Black, Gothic

As you all know, black lipstick is the hottest style right now! and you can pull it off like the celebs have. It’s dark and gives you a Gothic and dark look but with a edge. You will still look good and you will be a part of this hot trend!

There you have it ladies! With these super hot colours, you will look sexy and stylish.

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