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Get The Look: Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter eye shadow is a must have! It’s shiny and will add extra spark to your makeup look.The next time you need an extra bit of glamour, simply add glitter…

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And yes, there is a way to do so without looking like a drag queen.

1. Extravagant Purple

Get The Look, Glitter Eyeshadow, Purple

Purple is a beautiful bold color. There’s a lot of symbolism for this color so when you feel extravagant, ambitious or mysterious, show it on your eyes.

First use non glitter purple eye shadow, especially a lighter purple, violet, and then add a dark purple glitter eye shadow. They mix together very well and you will have a bold spark to your eyes.

2. Light Fresh Green

get The Look, Glitter Eyeshadow, Light Green

Feeling in a refreshed and earthy mood, use a light green glitter eye shadow. Use a lighter shade of green non glitter eye shadow underneath and reveal your green peace power.

3. Vibrant Red

Get The Look, Glitter Eyeshadow, Red

Feeling fiery and energetic, wear some fiery red glitter eye shadow to stand out and be bold.ย Underneath the glitter coat, add a touch of brown or a peachy coloured shade as you won’t over do it with colour and spark.

4. Ocean Blue

Get The Look, Glitter Eye shadow, Ocean Blue

Feeling in a breezy beach mood, ocean blue glitter eye shadow is the way to go. The color really stand outs and will make you look like a beautiful stylish mermaid. This look will also match all you green eyed gals!

Add a touch of aquamarine eye shadow underneath and the two colors together will make you look cool and like you belong in the ocean.

5. Glamorousย Gold

Get the Look, Glitter Eye shadow, Gold

Want to glow under the lights! Wear Gold glitter eye shadow, you will shine and be vibrant. As you all know gold is royalty so you will look like a queen and stand out in the crowd.ย Add some brown eye shadow underneath and sparkle!

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