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Get The Look: Crop Tops

crop tops

Crop tops are perfect for hot summer days. There’s many designs and sizes to choose from and celebs love them, which is a big plus.

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1. Simple Short Crop Tops

Crop Tops, Plain, Summer

In a simple but still want to look stylish mood, wear a simple, plain-coloured crop. They’re simple but still stylish and they reveal your tummy, which we want for those hot summer months! Wear denim shorts with your crop top or a mini skirt and you will look stylish, sexy and summery.

2. Patterned Crop Tops

Crop Top, Patterned, Summer

Patterned crop tops are super trendy, as they’re stylish, colourful and creative. There are many varieties of patterns and colours to choose from, from shapes to polka dots to theme designs. Wear a crop top that matches your mood and season! Be bold and creative and step out in style.

3. Unique Crop Top Designs

Crop Tops, Designed, Summer

A different designed crop top is hot! it adds a different element to the style. It’s bold, creative and super stylish. A mixture of open and closed style is really sexy as it reveals some skin and you will still look elegant.

4. Strapless Crop Top

Crop Top, Strapless, Summer

Strapless crop tops, yes please! They’re stylish and sexy. Your shoulders and chest will be bare, perfect for a summer night breeze and for a perfect tan.

5. Bohemian Crochet Crop Top

Crop Top, Crochet, Summer

Personally, this style is my favourite. It’s Bohemian, soft and sexy! Buy a different patterned crochet crop top, it will add flavour and creativity to your simple crop top style. Plus you will reveal lot’s of skin. This style will be perfect for a day at the beach!

So there you have it – add these awesome style of crop tops to your wardrobe for the hot summer months.

Images: Pinterest and Tumblr


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