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Get The Look: Best Of Boots

Who doesn’t love boots, they super stylish and they can match every outfit. There’s different types of boots for each style, from open toe ankle boots to thigh-highs boots (our favourite).

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Read more for inspiration to wear the hottest boots to match your style and of course for a stylish and sexy look.

1. Elegant Open Toe Ankle Boots

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Elegant, stylish and a heel. It looks like high heels because of the heel, shape and style but it can also be classified as a ankle boot because of the added shoe ties. A beautiful lace texture and flower pattern is simple and will make you look elegant and stylish.

This style is great for when you don’t want sweaty hot feet.Β You will look great wearing these with some denim jeans or a mini dress!

2. Stylish Closed Ankle Boots

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A crisp cool day and want to keep warm, wear a pair of closed ankle boots. In a simple easy mood, keep it plain with black or brown coloured boots but if you want to look really stylish, wear ones with patterns on them.

These will really keep your feet warm with the soft cotton texture. They will go perfect with jeans, especially flared jeans.

3. Sexy Thigh-High Boots


Our favourite style of boots. They are super simple but what makes them so stylish and sexy is the length and tall sized heel!

They’re super soft and will keep your legs warm during the cold months but even when it’s really hot, let’s face it we won’t care about how warm we are because we will look stylish and like a sexy babe.

Wear a mini dress and jacket, as your thighs will show and we all like to reveal some skin!

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