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How To Channel Your Inner Free Spirit

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2014 must be the year of cleansing oneself, spiritually and fashionably. Social media is exploding with raw and clean ways of eating, meditation that ‘nourishes’ the soul and organic… everything.

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So if you want to skip the acai bowls, sweaty yoga and splinters whilst killing yourself trying to saw open a coconut, try mixing textured whites with tasselled suede pieces andchannel your inner naturist.

Shift into neutral with a blank canvas, white is symbolic for purity, so do yourself a favour and purify your wardrobe with dainty fabrics and all white everything.


Our fave free spirit, Vanessa Hudgens, was seen sporting the look whilst on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills. The 25-year-old kept the colour scheme from head-to-toe and teamed an oversized knit with an ankle length, laced panelled skirt and laceless boots to complete her white ensemble.

Pair earthy tones with turquoise accessories, or better yet, with agate crystals.You wont be able to resist their power! These swirly stone accessories are hypnotic and very Erin Wasson. Mystics say it is because the agate crystal maintains sanity, draws in strength and has something to do with the universe… which is great, but it will also look good hanging from your earlobes and around your wrist.

Summer style icon Sahara Ray labels herself a modern-day gypsy. That tasselled blonde mane is almost always accompanied with washed denim cut-offs, a trio of delicate chokers around her neck and bohemian crop tops with winged sleeves.


Her persona oozes carelessness and no worries, which is reflected in her style. Even if you are a jeans and tee kind of girl, try mimicking our daughter of the sun Sahara by adding kimonos, head scarves and even bindis!

You don’t have to rid the mentality of winter-black clothes, summer-black clothes, just add a fedora and you are already have created the illusion that you have an aligned chakra, mastered a perfect downward dog and you are ready to roll.

A light shade of brown or gold eye shadow, with minimal to no eyeliner and a nude lip will complete the look. Less foundation and just this once, you have permission to go a little crazy on the bronzer to get a sun-kissed look.

Is your wardrobe in need of some extra green juice? Then be adventurous and awaken your inner gypsy. Remember to go minimal, a hat, a pair of Birkenstocks or eclectic accessories are all you need to nail this 2014 trend.

Namaste ladies.

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