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Five Tips That Help Clear Your Skin

Every individual has different experiences when it comes to looking after their skin. Some people may suffer from excess oil and sweat, sensitivity, blistering outbreaks or cystic acne.

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No matter what you are experiencing, it’s important to understand that your best friends routine may not necessarily work the same for you. Neither may Kim Kardashian’s.

In order to assist you in deciding what routine will work for you, you must recognise the physical symptoms or life issues that may be contributing to your fight for clear skin.

For those of you who suffer from your T-Zone glands producing excessive oil, stress breakouts and cystic acne, here are some tips that have worked for me.

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Beach: Sun, Salt & Sand

We know our skin needs a little vitamin D and the beach is the perfect place to get just that. Salt is a great cleansing agent that helps rid the skin of toxins. Sand is a great natural exfoliant that makes your skin feel soft and radiant.

Don’t forget to slap on that sunscreen, stay hydrated, and keep covered at times. Too much sun can be detrimental.

Deep Cleansing Product

It can be hard to find a product that suits your skin type. Even when you do begin using a product, it takes some time for the effects to begin to work, and can be subsidised by other products you may be using.

A refreshing product range I have found to assist in reducing blemishes and outbreaks is St. Ives.

Have a look on their websites skin profiler. They ask you a series of questions about what you’re experiencing to tailor a product that suits you.

Use Natural Cosmetics

You need to be sure your make up products aren’t clogging your pores, which will make your skin condition worse. Covering up blemishes with thick foundations and concealers may lead to problems later on, especially if they contain harsh chemicals.

100% naturally derived mineral make up is your best bet. Check out Nude By Nature’s range of products. I use most of them and have to say they really do make a difference.

I used to be a lover of heavy looking foundation. Now I just wear Nude By Nature’s powder range which feels light and doesn’t make your skin feel clogged.

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Remove Your Makeup

Do not – I repeat – do not, wear your make up to bed. After a big night out or a long day, it can be tempting. But won’t somebody please think of the children (pores)! If you have unnatural products on your skin it will block your pores, leaving oils trapped.

Luckily for those Nude By Nature lovers, if you forget to take your make up off it’s not so harmful to your skin.

Remove Stress

Stress is known to lead to outbreaks. Talk a walk! Exercise can help you calm down which will also do a favour for your skin. Try and acknowledge if you have a habit for picking at your skin when your stressed. If you have noticed that doing it causes outbreaks, remind yourself about it. It might help to avoid mirrors while you are stressed.

Always consult with a qualified medical professional for further advice or questions. These suggestions are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice.

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