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How To Fight Fatigue


So you are super tired all of the time and don’t know why. I bet you have been made to feel like lethargy is part of a modern day existence; a nuance that we need to put up or shut up.

A diagnosis last year with hypothyroidism made me realise that I absolutely did not have to accept fatigue as my norm and that I had given so much of my life to it before I visited the doctor. Brain fog, depression and absolute exhaustion became part of my day to day, until I realised enough was enough.

Fast forward twoΒ years and I am a new woman. A visit to a doctor set in motion a long, uphill battle to wellness, but boy was it worth it. If you are suffering from exhaustion and fatigue and cannot fathom why, a simple blood test may change your life. A teeny tiny pill has transformed me from moody, grouchy and miserable to energised, happy and healthy. Obviously there are times when you are by rights exhausted, but if you are one of many that eats healthily, exercises regularly and sleeps well, but still fight fatigue, then there may be something more sinister happening. Here are just some of the things that could be occurring in the bodies background.


Hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue or PCOS are just some illnesses that can occur when your hormones are out of whack. Ask your doctor for some blood tests to ease your mind. Remember, most of these hormonal imbalances can be fixed, so getting help is half of the battle.

Vitamin Deficiency

Iron or vitamin B deficiencies are a common cause of fatigue. Sometimes it just takes a wee blood test to confirm, and over the counter supplements can treat the problem.


Depression, while a mental illness, manifests itself in many tangible physical forms. Patients often complain of aches and pains, and even extreme tiredness. Speak to your doctor if you suspect this might the underlying cause of your exhaustion.

These are just a couple of the most common reasons for fatigue. While exercise and diet alone cannot cure exhaustion, they can certainly help to contribute to a happier healthier you. Above all, please take away from this that you do not need to just accept extreme tiredness. There are reasons behind it, and there is definitely help out there for you.

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