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Fashion Flashback: The 90s

Then and Now, Fashion Flashbacks, The 90's

The trends from the 90s have returned in 2016, from biker girl jackets to high-wasted jeans and crop tops. Celebrities are the prime trendsetters and turning up that ’90s vibe. Here are some of our favourite ‘then’ and ‘nows’.

Trend Talk: Get The 90’s Look

1. High-waisted denim jeans

Then and now, Fashion Flashbacks, High Wasted JeansKendall Jenner brought sexy back in her high-waisted jeans. In the 90s, biker jackets and belts were added to the look but, in 2016, teaming with a simple T-shirt will do.

2. Revealing crop tops

Then and Now, Fashion Flashback, The 90's, Crop Tops

In the 90s, Reese Witherspoon caught our attention with this black crop top and jeans combo. The 2016 version is a little trendier, as worn by Iggy Azalea, revealing some serious skin at an event earlier this year.

3. Leather biker jackets

Then and Now, Fashion Flash backs, The 90's, Biker JacketsKevin Bacon dripped in coolness in this leather jacket two decades ago, yet Amanda Seyfried brings the bike chic vibe to the present day and makes it her own.

4. Cute overalls

Then and Now, Fashion Flashbacks, The 90's, Overalls

Overalls are back after taking a well-earned break from the days of Mel B and the Spice Girls. Now Jenna Dewan has taken the look and added flavour with a striped crop top. Simple but oh-so cute.

5. Matching sets

Then and Now, Fashion Flashbacks, The 90's, Matching set outfit

In the 90s, matching sets were bold, attention-grabbing and out there. But today, It’s more about elegance and class without being too matchy-matchy.

Images: REX Shutterstock and Getty images

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