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Fashion Flashback: Summer of ’69

Spring, 1969, Bohemian, Gypsy

The spring trends in 1969 are making a comeback this spring! From Bohemian dresses to gypsy skirts, lace pants and chiffon dresses. These styles are bold and vibrant – perfect for spring! Want these flashback styles then read on!

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1. Bohemian Chic Dresses

Bohemian style dresses were big in 1969 but they were known as the gypsy style! If you’re a bohemian chic, like me, this is perfect for you. All the different colors, patterns and layers! Bohemian style dresses are still popular today. Models wear them on run ways. This style is perfect for a spring day at the beach or a party in nature!

2. Layered Gypsy Skirts

Spring, Flashabck, 1969, Gypsy Skirt

1969 was the year of the hippie era so therefore gypsy skirts were massive then. It has made a comeback in 2016 for our modern bohemian style.

You can either wear a layered one or a patterned one. Make it bold with multi colors and you will stand out at spring themed parties! They’re long, loose and perfect for dancing around the fire!

3. Flared Lace Pants


The 60s and 70s are known for their flare lace pants! But this year we can still stick to the old vintage look but with more style. Lace is beautiful, it’s soft and this flare design gives you a loose feel over the legs and you will have a tighter fit over the waist. Wear a patterned one in a bold color.

4. Loose Floral Chiffon Dresses

Spring, Flashback, 1969, Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon dresses have made a comeback this spring. They’re loose, beautiful and perfect for spring! The material is loose and soft and there’s many patterns and designs to choose from. In 1969, chiffon dresses were about the layers and floral. In 2016, it’s a more simple and beautiful style from plain to patterns and floral.

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