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Fair Trade Fashion

fair trade fashion

Want a valid excuse for shopping? Well here it is! Fair trade fashion can help the environment, provide a sustainable way of life for people in developing countries and take children out of forced labour. That sounds like a triple threat if ever there was one!


Fairtees is a wonderful Australian brand that have ethical clothing at the cornerstone of their business. Aside from setting us regular folk a great example, they also offer some super cute knits and tees. Winter isn’t that unappealing with this cosy hoodie.


ASOS Africa DressThe clothing giant ASOS have an β€œEco Edit”; a collection of clothing carefully sourced from around the globe, with sustainability in mind. They also have the beautiful and affordable ASOS Africa range, made in conjunction with SOKO Kenya. This line is gorge! Think African queen inspired pieces in vibrant colours and patterns.


People Tree

This UK brand have been at the forefront of fair trade fashion for almost 3 decades, and have really paved the way for some of the other new comers. They care about what they do, and it shines through in every facet of the business, from their informative website to beautiful garments. Moral compass does not come at the detriment of style with these guys, and each piece is crafted with incredible detail and care.What we really love about People Tree is their will to strive for 100% fair trade throughout the supply chain. Such high standards, makes it so much easier to explain the latest shopping binge right?

In our beautiful world, it is nice to be a part of change, even if that takes place by way of our fashion purchases. For those who are budget conscious, but still want to do their part, why not hit up a thrift shop. While not directly contributing to fair trade as such, you are definitely helping in the quest to reduce waste and build a more sustainable environment. Fashionably of course.

Images VIA Asos, People Tree and Fairtees

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