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Fabletics By Kate Hudson

fabletics, workout, kate hudson

Kate Hudson is a golden girl. She’s fun, loveable, a great actress and a great role model for health and fitness. That’s why we love the new brand she has released called Fabletics, a range of awesome workout gear that will rival your LuluLemons and Lorna Janes.

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From the very start, it’s quite obvious that Fabletics is designed to be tailored to you, your personality and the activities that you love to participate in. When you first jump on the Fabletics website, you are greeted with a beamed and fabulously figured Kate Hudson in a cute yellow crop and patterned tights – seriously, is it even possible that this woman has given birth not once, but twice?

fabletics, workout, kate hudson

Back to the clothes, shall we? With a mix of patterned tights, crops and cool tops, Kate’s designs are fun and perfect for the activities you’re after, with one of our favourites being this quirky Summerland tank. As women, we’re often caught out on paying more for things like deodorant and workout gear, but Fabletics gives you a great comparison between brands for you to have a look at to see what you could be spending.

fabletics, workout, kate hudson
Summerland Tank

After you take the Fit Quiz that works out what kind of workouts you’re into, you are given a display of outfits that have been personalised to your style and what you’ll use them for. I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally, they are spot on! I was greeted on this page by coloured shorts, cute crops and unique tank tops perfect for the gym. You can also shop Kate’s picks, the outfits that she actually has in her closet and what she likes to wear when she is sculpting her fabulous figure and you can add whole outfits to the cart so you don’t have to waste time searching the website for that other piece you loved.

Fabletics ships all over the USA and it also ships to Australia for a very low price! If that isn’t super exciting, I don’t know what is! Check out the range at the Fabletics website.

fabletics, workout, kate hudson

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