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What is F45 all about?


Feeling frustrated by my meager solo gym effort, and the high cost of personal training, I decided to meet somewhere in the middle. That middle was F45 training. The F stands for functional, and many will know that functional training has been around the block a few times, reinventing itself under different guises. Cross Fit is one of the most famous hats that functional training dons, but F45 is very smoothly taking over. Functional training involves exercising the parts of the body that are used in daily life. So basically, everything, right? Well, yep. It is intensive, and I do not say that lightly. Expect to imagine how you can slip out mid class undetected or dream up ways to sedate the trainers. I do both in every single session I attend.

The format

The classes are different each day, and every F45 franchise holds exactly the same session, which I believe are delivered centrally to them via software system. Big TV screens adorn the walls, and an animated man demonstrates the exercises as you make your way through the circuit. I forgot to mention the circuit bit, didn’t I? Animated man makes me angry because he performs each set like it is child’s play. Don’t be fooled; it is absolute torture.

I realise I have not said anything positive about the class, which is going to seriously mislead you. I adore F45; after it has taken place of course. I am on a literal high all day, and work and sleep better. The actual class has its merits too; pumping dance tunes on a Friday morning certainly serve to prepare for the weekend. Best of all are the high fives. Every class I finish with trainers and students giving me five. Seriously cringe, but it makes the torture worth it. F45 is team training at its cheesiest. And we love it. Β I will admit that F45 is not particularly new, but I only discovered it in the last couple of months. Late to the party as usual, but I’m glad I came.

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