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All Ears: The Earring Edit

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Earrings. They are the jewellery worlds forgotten heroes, and our ears the fallen victims. Not only do we pierce and poke our ears, but we hang enough heavy metals and gemstones off them to sink a small ship, all in the name of fashion. Yet we keep coming back to them.

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So forget your statement necklace, or knuckle duster rings, there is nothing quite as sophisticated as the perfect pair of earrings to complete a chic outfit. If you are anything like me, your ears have been left bare and neglected of late; swept aside in favour of other, easy to wear jewellery, so it’s time to stop playing it safe and stylishly reliable. The latest batch of must have earrings spotted on the trend horizon are dainty, delicate, bright and quirky, and lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and picked out the best of the bunch, so listen ear and pay close attention…

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If Clueless is your all time favourite movie (really, it’s at least in everyone’s top 10), then these swoon-worthy, straight-outta-the-nineties fluffy earrings will have you channeling Cher Horowitz in no time. Fun, playful and definitely for the more brave fashionista’s out there, the best thing about these bad boys is that you can even make them at home! While Etsy have plenty of colourful options, with varying degrees of fluffy pom pom sizes, you can also grab the few basic materials needed from a craft store to make your own personalised version. After fashion on a budget? Check. Want to stand out from the usual earring crowd? Check. Updated style cred? Check.

Earrings, Jewellery, Earring Edit, Fashion, Accessories

You might think we are going a little bit crazy here at Styleetcetera, but trust us when we tell you, the single-earring trend is a real thing, and it is going to be your ultimate go-to when it comes to accessorising this year. The trick is in making it an obvious style statement, rather than looking like you’ve just ran out of the house and forgot to put your other earring on. It’s good to start off with an ear cuff, which is a nice introduction to the single-earring trend, and slowly graduate (as your confidence grows) into something perhaps longer, or a bit heavier and more noticeable. This look is all about balance, so pop a small stud in your other ear, and keep your hair slick and simple, or pulled back. Your single earring can be as dainty and subtle as you like, or a huge dangle that screams edgy and cool.

Earrings, Jewellery, Earring Edit, Fashion, Accessories, Emma Watson

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Not sure the single earring trend is for you? It might be time to give the double stud earrings a go (and yes, they come in pairs). This is the way to go if you find long, dangly earrings hurt your ears, as the double stud earrings are essentially your average pair of studs that you are familiar with, but with added attention-catching properties. For the elegant lady in us all, try the classic double pearl studs; which hopefully means double the poise and grace required to wear pearls like a proper lady is already built in. Or ditch the super feminine look and go for a tougher style, by wearing double stud pairs with studs, spikes and chains that hang from the back. The options to this trend are endless, with gems, diamonds and crystals all also available to create a unique and fashion-forward earring statement.

Earrings, Jewellery, Earring Edit, Fashion, Accessories, Jennifer Lawrence

Make your accessory game all about earrings this season, and give your fingers, wrists and necks a break from all those jewels. Learning to incorporate more earrings into your outfits can only mean more opportunities for shopping, and that’s always a good justification to try something new!

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