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Duchess Kate’s Excellent Pregnancy Style

kate middleton pregnancy style

Duchess Kate has that air of natural beauty around her. If she was struggling through her last pregnancy, we’ll never know, as we never see the swollen ankles and morning sickness side of her.

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In light of the second royal baby birth to bring a little brother or sister to George, we’re taking a look at the best of Duchess Kate’s pregnancy style. During the second pregnancy, Kate has continued to wow us with her confident and eloquent ways. She makes pregnancy look so easy and ladylike that we have false hopes of how beautiful it will be for us one day, when the reality is we’ll be slipping into sweats while begging our partner to run to the store for ice cream.

Kate also looks very feminine and we’re a big fan of her coats and dresses, concealing her growing baby bump. In fact, if we didn’t know she was pregnant, in some outfits we wouldn’t know she was holding a royal seed in her belly.

kate middleton pregnancy style

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