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How To: Dress For Your Body Shape

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Sometimes it’s hard trying on a dress or a pair of jeans because it just doesn’t look right. Have you ever borrowed something from your friend because it looks amazing on them, but it just doesn’t look right on you? That’s probably because it suits their body type better than it does yours. Once you figure out your body shape, finding clothes to suit you will be a breeze.

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People with a pear body shape have smaller shoulders and wider lower bodies. This means that their hips and thigs are a lot more rounded than their shoulders and breasts. For people with pear figures, drawing attention to their lower half only accentuates that bigger area. So, their goal is to even out their upper body.

What To Wear:

  • Structured jackets to even out your upper body
  • A-line skirts to skim over your thighs and draw attention to your waist
  • Off the shoulder tops or dresses to draw attention to your torso
  • Dark, wide fitting pants to camouflage your thighs

how to dress, body shape


If you have an hourglass figure, this means that your hips and breasts are the same size (usually), and you have small waist. People with an hourglass figure will want to accentuate their tiny waist and compliment their curves.

What To Wear:

  • High waisted pants or skirts to draw attention to your waist
  • Belted jackets, or adding belts to dresses to flatter your middle area
  • Crop tops that show a small bit of your middle section
  • Pencil skirts to emphasize your curves

how to dress. body shape


Having an apple shaped figure means that your middle section is the widest part of your body. If you have an apply figure, you’ll want to draw attention away from your waist and stomach and focus it on your arms and legs.

What To Wear:

  • Skinny pants to show off your slim legs
  • Swing jackets to skim over your stomach
  • Flowy shirts to soften the look of your middle section
  • Maxi dresses that leave your arms bare and elongate your figure
  • High-waisted skirts to define your waist and broaden your hips

how to dress, body shape


If your figure is considered to be rectangle, then your shoulders, waist and hips are similar widths apart. This shape is considered by some to be a ‘sporty’ shape. If you have a rectangular figure, then you’ll want to try and define your waist to get that curvy look.

What To Wear:

  • Skinny jeans and cigarette pants to show off your long legs
  • Crop tops and jackets to draw attention to your waist
  • Flared or A-line skirts to give the illusion of curves
  • Detailed top, either with lace or ruffles to add volume to your chest

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