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How To Dress For A Black Tie Event

how to dress for black tie

There are a couple of great things about the mid-year. Number one would be seeing how much you get in your tax return to put towards holidays and that gorgeous coat you saw online and number two would be the conferences and balls that come around this time of year.

The Black Tie galas held by your company or your partner’s company, are a time for celebration and glamour. The end of the financial year is a great time to splurge on a killer event that requires dressing up and a great tie for you to splurge on an amazing dress that suits the Black Tie dress code.

Dressing for a Black Tie event can be tricky, especially because you don’t want to be judged, or have your partner be judged for making a bad outfit decision. There are a few guidelines to stick to when attending a Black Tie event, and we’re here you help you pick out the perfect outfit.

Black tie means formal

Besides the elusive White Tie event, Black Tie is as formal as you will get at most events, galas and weddings. The formal dress code is enough to scare some people off, but as long as you stay away from cotton fabrics and pick something that looks dressy, you will be fine.

So many options

While Black Tie for men basically means wear a tuxedo and channel James Bond, us ladies do have a lot of choice. Traditionally, it would’ve been mandatory to wear a floor length gown, but with so many glamorous options, we can look just as formal in cocktail or mid length dresses. Usually, the length is preferably mid or full length, but unless specified on the invite, you are able to wear a cocktail length. With shorter dresses, it is best to keep them in rich colours like black, deep red and metallics. If you do choose a floor length gown, try to stay away from anything with a train unless you’re walking a red carpet. Celebrities have assistants to look after their trains during the red carpet walk and then change after the ceremony into an after party dress. If you will be moving around, mingling and eating, you will often find that people will step on the train without realising.

how to dress for black tie

Don’t be afraid of colour

Black Tie doesn’t literally mean that you have to wear black. You can make a statement in a coloured gown, especially as many guests will choose darker or neutral colours. Find a dress that complements your shape and a colour that complements your skin tone so as not to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Keep your accessories and shoes elegant

Simple accessories usually work better with a Black Tie event. This gives your dress the stand out notice and keeps your outfit from looking cheap or tacky. Strappy sandal heels are a better match to pair with your evening gown as clunky, platform shoes should be left for less formal events.

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