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How To Dress In 1920s Style

vintage 1920s dresses

Who doesn’t love 1920s fashion? From the famous flapper dresses to elegant dresses, feathers and long stylish gloves. Need ideas for a 1920s-themed party or just love the style like I do, then read on for some tips on how to look like a ’20s babe who will never go out of style!

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1. Mini Sparkly Flapper Dresses

1920s, fashion, Flapper Dresses

Flapper dresses – thigh high, sparkly and they flap while you walk! There’s many designs and colours to choose from. You can get beaded ones, sequined ones and even feathered ones. For an elegant look, go for a beaded and feathered one, as you will still shine but have a more vintage style.

2. Long Elegant Dresses

1920s, Fashion, Long Dresses

1920s was all about the dresses from mini to ankle length. For a elegant but still shiny look, go for a ankle-length style 1920s dress. Choose satin with different layers and beads, sequins and gems dress. Add some 1920s accessories and you will look a 1920s queen!

3. Long Gloves With Sparkle

1920s, Fashion, Gloves

Gloves was the in thing in the 1920s, everyone wore them. These gloves scream elegance and style! They’re long but still reveal your shoulders. There’s many designs and styles to choose from.

I would choose a black with gem gloves, as black is the colour for elegance. The gems will add the sparkle element!

4. It’s All About The Feathers

1920s, Fashion, Feathered Head Pieces

The ladies loved their feathers during the 1920s, therefore feathered head pieces were the craze! Get a feather head piece with gems or sequins and you will look elegant and beautiful!

Mix all these styles together and you will look like a The Great Gatsby goddess.

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