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Should You Download A Kardashian-Jenner App?

kardashian jenner app

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are the queens of our social world. They have millions and millions of followers on Instagram, their own reality television show and huge endorsements to boot.

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Most recently they launched their websites and apps, with each sister having a personal blog, as such, to post about whatever they feel like. Subscribing to their website or downloading their app comes at a cost, of course – as if mumager Kris Jenner would ever let them give away their thoughts for free. So are these apps and websites actually worth the payment? Should you be downloading them or ditching the thought?

Let’s take a look at the content you can find on these apps to see if you think they’re worth their while. The Kardashian Jenner girls like to share make up tips, styling tips, outfits that they’ve worn or things that they’re working on right now. Kylie has been commended for her anti-bullying work she is putting on her app and on her Instagram. Khloe has been her usual too-much-information self, having shared details of how her and her sisters wear their hair down there. Kim’s app has plenty of style tips while Kendall’s is all about her modelling trips and behind the scenes of fashion. One Kardashian is still missing though, with Kourtney’s app yet to be released, pushed back by the birth of her daughter Reign in December last year – but not to worry. It will be released this month with plenty of interior design and parenting tips.

All of the Kardashian Jenner apps are very different in content, reflecting the nature of each woman and the different projects that they are all working on. Depending on which sister you identify with more, you might be downloading just one app, but if you want tips from all 5, I guess you’ve got no choice.

The verdict: If you’re a hardcore Kardashian Jenner fan, it’s well worth paying the money to get a insider’s view into the life that these women lead, if you feel that you didn’t get enough from their television show. They’re also packed full of makeup tutorials and styling tips to help you get the extra glam look that they portray everyday. Plus, if you’re looking for tricks to boost your cleavage, Kylie Jenner has got you covered.

kardashian jenner app

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