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How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner

Eyes Eyeliner Colour

While black eyeliner can be extremely sexy it is sometimes too harsh for your daytime look. It is daunting to try new shades but we have come up with a few valuable tips so that ditching the black doesn’t mean going nude.

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Brown eyeliner is an excellent colour to start with when stepping away from noir. It is very wearable and the wide selection of shades available means that there is an option to suit everyone. It will surprise you how much you will love the more natural look. Once you turn brown, black will seem a little too severe. Team your liner with a good quality brown brow pencil for a really polished look.


Green eyeliner is just stunning on brown/green eyes. It is so captivating and earthy and will transform you into a doe eyed beaut. Great for a night out, your eyes will pop. For a really sexy edge, apply lashings of mascara or better yet, a set of falsies.


Dare we say it but blue eyeliner is once again acceptable in your makeup case if you are the proud owner of coveted blue eyes. It accentuates your peepers, adding sparkle and light to tired eyes. Be careful with the rest of your makeup. While we love blue, it doesnt look so great with a kaleidscope of other hues on your face. Keep your base clean and flawless, opt for highlighter over blusher and finish with a slick of mascara and a spolodge of lipgloss for a fresh summer look.

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