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Trend Alert: Scandinavian Design

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Scandinavian style or “Scandi style” is a versatile style for interiors. Similar to the Scandinavian fashion trend, it is all about minimalism. It is predominantly white walls and floors, natural fabrics and surfaces, which allow you to add a bit of “yourself” into the room through fun patterns and vibrant pops of colour. The use of colour should be chosen carefully to avoid it being overdone.

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Finding a Scandinavian home without wood featured in it is like a woman not owning a little black dress. Highly unlikely. Wood is one of the most essential materials when creating the Scandi style as it creates a sense of warmth and adds an element of nature within the home. When choosing furniture, clean lines, simple shapes and neutral tones should be chosen as they provide a fresh canvas to add design and texture. This can be done through choosing fabrics such as linen and fake fur. These fabrics bring visual warmth and add a luxurious look to the home.

Our living environments now reflect our personalities, so adding pops of colour such as yellow and blue are popular alongside pastels for a more contemporary feel to the trend as well as adding an aspect of your personality. There is also a an abundance of graphic prints and black and white typography in artworks that are seen which adds life to the room as you can choose to incorporate art which is representative of who you are.

Letting light into the room is an important factor when creating a Scandinavian inspired room. It is all about bringing in as much space as possible through natural light. It is also about adding calmness and making the décor of the home stand out. So tear down those curtains and let the light in. With lights in the room, keep them simple, modern and minimalistic.

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