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Trend Talk: Denim On Denim

Denim has been a major trend all year round. Your staple clothing item, jeans, has now got some new best friends.

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Jeans are the perfect base of any outfit. They’re perfect on a casual daily basis, and a dark pair works great for a night out. If you’re the type of person that needs to be surgically removed from their jeans (I know I am), then you’re in luck, because different styles of jeans and denim outfits are a major trend this spring and summer.

Overalls were a thing of the 90s, but are back and better than ever. They are super fashionable and comfortable, and best for a casual day out. Taylor Swift pulls this awesome look off in a ripped black pair with a cropped white tee.

denim trends taylor swift

Denim jackets are the best thing to pair with your jeans. White, black, blue or navy, it doesn’t matter what colour, the double denim combination (once a fashion ‘no-no’) has been a daily go-to for many people stuck on the denim craze. This look is pulled off best with two items that are slightly different tones, like the photo below.

fashion denim trends

Another denim item that we didn’t think would make it back into the fashion good books was the denim shirt. Like overalls, this was a thing of the 90s, but has made its way back and is stronger than ever. People are pulling this off either tucking their shirt into their jeans and pants, or open like a cardigan. This look is casual once again, but very on trend and extra comfortable for lazing around the house in leggings or going out for the day.

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And if anyone of hadn’t noticed by now the ripped look is back in full force – and is a favourite by everyone (definitely one of mine). The ripped jeans, shorts and skirts trend has been majorly popular and is easy for everyone to pull off. What’s the best thing about this look, you may ask? You don’t have to go out and buy a new item of clothing! A simple DIY sipping session on an old pair of jeans or shorts can easily do trick to get this look.

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