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Delicious Midweek Recipes

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Sometimes inspiration for dinners midweek can be lack lustre and we often resort to making the same old tried and tested spag bol.We have a couple of wonderful little recipes that are easy to throw together and relatively healthy – although we sometimes compromised the health part for absolute deliciousness.

Scrummy Yummy Easy Peasy Root Bake


6 large baking potatoes

4 sweet potatoes

A couple of carrots

Semi-dried tomatoes

Thickened cream

French onion soup powder

Grated tasty cheese

How to prepare

  • Slice the potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and semi dried tomatoes and start to layer in a baking tray.
  • The beauty of this dish is that you can be really rough and messy with your layering.
  • Dependant on what you prefer you can put more or less of any of the ingredients. We find the the sweet potato works wonderfully.
  • After each layer, sprinkle the french onion soup generously and top with a splodge of thickened cream. Continue until you run out of ingredients or baking tray space!
  • Finish with a sprinkle of cheese over the top of the dish and put into a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.
  • Grab a fork , a bowl and help yourself to the yumminess.

Zucchini Noodles with Basil Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes


3 medium zucchinis

Basil pesto

Cherry tomatoes

Grated cheese

How to prepare

  • Peel strips off the zucchinis with a potato peeler. You will end up with a bowl of zucchini “spaghetti”.
  • Sprinkle a generous helping of salt into the bowl. This removes the excess moisture from the spagetti. Blanche for about a minute in boiling water.
  • Drain and in a pot add the spaghetti, a generous helping of pesto and lots of cheese.
  • Stir and serve in a bowl with a couple of juicy tomatoes on top.

Homemade Bruschetta


Ciabatta loaf

Garlic cloves

Couple of tomatoes

Red onion


Olive oil

How to prepare

  • Roughly chop garlic, tomatoes and onions into cubes and add to bowl of olive oil. Squeeze in the juice of a half lime.
  • Toast some beautifully fresh ciabatta roll and spoon tomato mixture on top.

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