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Declutter Your Wardrobe For A Stress-Free Morning

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Clutter in your life can be a cause of stress. A messy house can be overwhelming, a messy desk at work can make you disorganised. So, why can’t a messy wardrobe have the same effects?

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Clutter in general can make us feel overwhelmed, distracted, and like we’ve got a big problem on our hands. Add those feelings while looking at a messy, overflowing wardrobe and we’ve got a hectic morning. We start to feel stressed or rushed, setting us up for a bad start to the day. I’ll bet we all struggle getting dressed in the morning. Have you ever thought, ‘I have nothing to wear?’, or ‘I’m sick of wearing this?’ Most likely it’s your cluttered closet that is causing this. You have nothing to wear because you probably can’t see any of it under all the mess, and if you feel like you’ve worn something a million times already? Then it’s probably time to throw it out!

The easiest step to decluttering your wardrobe and having a stress-free morning is simple.

Take everything out.

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Chuck all of you shoes, clothes, jackets, and accessories onto the floor or the bed. Start off with a fresh empty closet, maybe give it a quick dusting while you’re at it. Now it’s time to start sorting your clothes. I like to make three piles: definitely keep, maybe, and donate.

Your ‘definitely keep’ pile should be the easiest to decide on. Go through your clothes and pick the ones you wear all the time and aren’t sick of seeing. These are the ones you’ll want to keep. You’ll probably also have some new items of stuff that belong in this pile.

The next pile to sort out is ‘donate’. Find all the clothes you don’t wear anymore and put them in this pile. This could include stuff from years ago that you forgot you even owned, things with holes in them, or maybe things that don’t fit anymore. I know when I do this I get nostalgic with some items that I loved once-upon-a-time. If you also get attached to things like me, then just remember that they’re taking up space you need someone else can get some use out of it. Throw out all of the unwearable broken items and then donate everything else.

The ‘maybe’ pile is probably the hardest to sort out. This pile usually contains things you like and wear, but probably don’t need or don’t wear as often. First figure out what you definitely won’t wear again or don’t really need. E.g. you found a black t-shirt that you sometimes wear but you already have 3 black t-shirts in your ‘definitely’ pile. Chuck that black tee out! If you still think you’ll end up wearing some items in this pile then put them aside in your closet. If you haven’t touched any of them within the next 2 months then it’s probably a sign you should get rid of them.

Once all of your clothes are sorted, organise them back into your wardrobe. Some people colour coordinate, others match up their items of clothing – it’s up to you. Repeat these steps with your shoes and accessories and you’re finished!

By now your wardrobe is probably looking a little bare. This is a good thing. Not only is it organised and decluttered, but it’ll be easier for you to see what you have and get dressed stress-free in the morning. You’ll also see what items of clothing you’re missing and need to stock up on for your next shopping spree.

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