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Up-And-Comer Daisy Ridley’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Daisy Ridley redcarpet

You may know British actress Daisy Ridley from her debut role in the recent Star Wars movie where she played protagonist Rey. In the film she was mostly covered in dirt, grime, and sweat, but off film Daisy sure can clean up pretty nicely!

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Take a look at Daisy’s best red carpet moments

Daisy Ridley redcarpet

Here is Daisy absolutely slaying this pantsuit! The Star Wars star wore this outfit earlier this year in February to the 2016 Oscar Wilde Awards.

This gorgeous all black outfit is different to Daisy’s usual coloured frocks, which shows off the actresses edge side to style. The peplem jacket really shows off Daisy’s waist and the pop of gold on her shoes ties the whole look together.

Daisy Ridley redcarpet

Daisy looks stunning in this body-con dress at the Icons of Stlye dinner in London back in May, 2015.

Daisy’s pale skin really enhances the beautiful colour of the olive green dress, and her silver strappy heels are the perfect match with the dress colour. Her loose, wavy hair is the perfect relaxed hairstyle to complete the dinner look.

Daisy Ridley redcarpet

I LOVE this dress on Daisy! She wore this pretty baby blue dress to a Disney fan even in August, 2015. The blue colour compliments her skin tone perfectly, and the silver trimming keeps the simple dress interesting to look at. Her pointed heel’s match the simplicity of the dress and pull everything together.

Daisy Ridley redcarpet

Lets not forget Daisy’s 2016 Oscar dress. She wore this stunning grey and silver gown to her first ever Oscars and looked absolutely amazing. The dress was Chanel Haute Couture and has tiny silver embellishments all throughout the fabric.

The soft silhouette of the dress suits Daisy’s slender frame and the tulle detail at the waist adds some definition to her body shape. And lets not forget those sexy Christian Louboutin shoes.

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