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Zimmermann Take New York

Cloud stompers: Zimmerman take New York Fashion Week by Storm

Think of a crowd of flawless angels crushing the soft white clouds beneath them in a snow storm, as the title suggests ‘Cloud Stompers’ combines the best of both worlds in the brand’s latest collection. Giving an edgy twist to their feminine style, Zimmermann successfully showed the world what Australian fashion has to offer.

Influenced by an image found of her parents during the 1950s, Nicky Zimmermann was set to take the runway by storm. The vintage-style show conveyed a sense of darkness in colours and shapes, with a touch of softness in the delicate materials.

Texture became a focal point of the collection, exceptional lace items were paired with leather neckpieces to soften the rough nature of leather. Dresses and skirts with a cloud-like pattern showed a resemblance to a stormy day, again combining the harshness of a storm with the gentle touch of a cloud.

This concept allowed the designers to contrast their clothing in an acceptable way, mixing and matching outrageous designs to reflect the theme. This collection created a whole new level of excellence and was definitely a show stopper with it’s designs.


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