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Choosing The Perfect V-Day Perfume

β€œThat is why I also became a perfumer, so that every woman that I dress leaves a lingering scent of desires behind her” – As Christian Dior suggests we continue to share our personalities through the scents we wear. With romance set to overwhelm the atmosphere this Valentines Day, now is the time to focus on how you will smell.

Smells evoke feelings and stir emotions, so why not make your day wonderful with the perfect perfume. To match the love filled vibe and roses being shared world wide, floral scents are the best way to show off your inner woman.

The name says it all, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a sweet alternative with the perfect feminine vibe. The luscious scent combines all things floral, great for a romantic personality looking for a lovely addition of smell to their ensemble.

Leave your date mesmerised with Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. The perfume was made for impressions, the combination of a fruity and floral scent it is bound to leave anyone breathless. Bubbly and passionate, Wonderstruck is the perfect option for your Valentines Day.

For a more sophisticated scent try J’adore by Dior. The unique contents added make this perfume a pure combination of all things elegant. With a base note of Jasmine and a unique top note of Ylang Ylang essence, the fragrance will combine the beauty of a queen with the freedom of a bird in one spray.

For a sweet, independent smell try Candy by Prada. Named after its candy-like sweetness, the perfume includes a mixture of fruit with an added touch of Caramel and white musks. The simple yet complicated personality of Candy will pair perfectly with a ‘playing hard to get’ attitude, as its ingredients produce a wonderful scent for you to enjoy.

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