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Charli XCX designs Aqua XL

Charli XCX for Make Up For Ever

Vibrant performer Charli XCX has teamed up with Make Up For Ever to pimp out their AQUA line, which stage artists and performers have long used, to AQUA XL to push the limits of makeup.Β 

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As the first of a series of collaborations with artists, Make Up For Ever has taken Charli’s boldness and added it to their first piece of the AQUA XL line, which is a waterproof eye pencil. The pencil comes in 20 bright colours, and when we say bright, we mean bright, with blues, greens, purple, yellow and of course, the original darker colours.

The promotional images for the product were shot a year and a half ago and feature Charli sporting the matte pastel green and pastel blue shades, and can you say colour? The Make Up For Ever AQUA XL line promises long lasting and intense colours and we will definitely be getting in line for these bad boys.

Charli XCX for Make Up For Ever

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