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Challenge Yourself To Change

Walking Challenge

I have gone all hippy this week, and my focus is all about inner peace and zen. This piece is about incorporating new experiences into our lives, for a happier existence. Here are a couple of key challenges that I have set myself.

Walk every day

Sometimes I slog it out in the gym, sometimes I eat a whole chocolate cakes to myself. It is all about balance. However, one thing I want to start doing consistently is walking. I am not interested in it for the exercise or weight management benefits. This is simply a challengeย to give myself 30 minutes per day where I am not parked at a computer or vegetating in front of the TV. I am going to leave my phone behind; thatโ€™s right, music will not even be a part of this ritual.This is my chance to dedicate a small amount of time toย nothing but nature. Each day I will choose a brand new route and see where it takes me.


Yup, I am really planning on making a lot of adjustments to my life right. With walking and now reading thrown into the mix, how will there be time for anything else?! Well, I am going to cut out a TV show every evening and replace it with a book. I adore reading, but rarely make time for it. Some days become almost a virtual reality of sorts, with my only interaction and experiences, taking place through technology. This is my opportunity toย go back to basics.


This might not be possible to do daily as I am a massive meal prep fan, but once a week I am going to grab a cookbook and create a brand new dish that I have never tried before. Food is life and cooking is therapy, so I am really looking forward to trying this new challenge.

I would absolutely love to hear some style girls and boys suggestions for how they are enriching themselves, in an otherwise sometimes very routine lifestyle?

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