Trend Talk: Pink and Red? Together?! Yep!

Pink and red. Rose and maroon. Salmon and Crimson. The pairing has long been banned from seeing each other (by their strict parents, probably) but they have snuck out of the upstairs bathroom window and are here to make all of our ensembles feel blushy and romantic from this point

How To Cure Boredom

Feeling sad about not knowing what to do

Everyone gets bored now and then. We sit and wonder what to do and if it'll be enjoyable. We all struggle with it but don't despair there's many fun activities to do from reading to drawing and painting and yes binge watching TV shows on Netflix. If all else fails

Plane Good Style

Plane Right Style

I’m a bit of a jet setter. OK not in the London to Paris sense, but I fly pretty regularly. Does the Darwin to Sydney route qualify me as globetrotter extraordinaire? OK, maybe not, but I do know a thing or two about comfy flying. 17745