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How to: Wear A Casual Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have made a fashion comeback in the last few years. Everyone in the clique knows this. The jogger jumpsuit however, holds a more elusive place in the lookbook. Is it socially acceptable to wear all-in-one sweats in public? We have the trend locked down. Watch and learn, girls.

Ghetto Fabulous Jumpsuit

This cute cut-off romper looks super comfy and is effortlessly teamed with a classic Calvin Klein crop. We have found a very similar style on A pair of Adidas Superstar classics give this look a gritty urban feel.

Want to dress up your casual threads? Team your jumpsuit with a pair of heels for some ghetto fabulous appeal. Add some space buns, a la Khloe Kardashian, and a long pendant to finish the style.

The beauty of the casual jumpsuit, is that it is a look that can be worn both day and night, from casual lunches to dressed up dinners. It is really all about accessorising and determining what feel you want to give to this get-up. A baseball cap and cute denim jacket can keep you street, while the right handbag and wedges can take you straight to the club. Just make sure that you know which fashion fence you are sitting on, and stick with it. It is an easy style to get wrong, so just remember; heels and caps together are a big no!

The key to pulling off the casual jumpsuit is to wear it with confidence. A messy bun, clean makeup, and red lip will make this look pop. Rihanna rocks the jumpsuit with the sexy ease that only Rihanna can. Time and time again, she has pulled off this style, that it almost feels an injustice to try copy the queen herself. Fear not style followers;with our tips, we know you got this!

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