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Call Him Caitlyn: Bruce Jenner’s New Look

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The speculation is finally over: Bruce Jenner has revealed a new identity in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, accompanying a story entitled “Call Me Caitlyn”.

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The Olympic gold medalist poses on the cover in a one-piece corseted lingerie outfit. A video that accompanies the cover online shows Jenner being photographed for the magazine, saying: “Bruce always had to tell a lie. He was always living that lie. Every day he always had a secret from morning till night. Caitlyn doesn’t have any secrets.”

The photos that accompany the story show Jenner in two long gold gowns, a long off-the-shoulder mermaid dress, a lace corset, a tight long sleeve V-neck dress and a red long sleeve dress. In the images, Jenner poses on a couch, in a makeup chair, in the car and in front of a large window.

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