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Tips For Babes On A Budget

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I hate to go all grandma on your ass, but we gotta talk about saving and debt management. As a girl with a serious shopping obsession, I know from experience, the stress that credit card bills and empty savings accounts can cause.

While being a spend whore in my early and mid (and late) twenties was a right of passage, turning 30 has caused me to come to my senses. Witnessing my friends purchasing properties and going on luxury holidays, has made me reevaluate my own spending style. While its been nice living like a queen,its time to reign in the luxe. Here are some tips on how to live it up on a shoestring. Budget babe here I come.

Tip Top Tips

Get onto google and research your local hair dressers and beauty salons. Many reputable establishments run training mornings for their apprentices, offering discounted hair cuts, colours, eyelash extensions and much more. Pay a fraction of the cost and still receive the same great service and treatment! Some places even offer these specials for free!

Cut your coffee habit. This one is my Achilles heel, as I am a sucker for a barista made flat white. If you cant cut your expensive habit completely, then look for some happy medium. Maybe limit yourself to 2 days per week where you grab one to go, and settle for instant on those other days. Might be difficult, but it makes those splurge days all the more special. Choose a coffee shop that offers a loyalty card. When your free coffee day arrives, it is probably up there with some of the other best days of your life.

Thrift shop finds are like diamonds in the rough, which makes them all the more special. I am an off the rack girl but my BFF spends most Sydney Saturdays trawling through second hand clothing stores. She has a serious eye for fashion, so she customises most of her pieces. One of her best finds of late, was a pair of vintage $5 Levis.

Grab yourself a big old bottle or tin and seal theΒ top, save for a coin sized slit. Make a point of banking every coin in this little savings vessel. Change is a pain in the butt, and you are not likely to miss it, but those little gold boys soon add up. At the end of the year, you will be surprised at what you could treat yourself to.

Hit us up with your frugal tips!

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