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Blogger Spotlight: Rosemary MacCabe

Rosemary MacCabe

I have decided to head across the pond, to put the spotlight on Irish Blogger Rosemary MacCabe. Rosemary has many guises, with social media influencer, stylist and all round legend to name just a handful. Before taking the leap into the online stratosphere, Rosemary was a successful journalist for one of the countries biggest newspapers, The Irish Times.

Her decision to go it alone was a very wise one, as she is now a firm favorite on the blogging circuit in Ireland and the UK. Rosemary has managed what many others like her haven’t, and that is her ability to move fluidly between lifestyle, fashion, fitness and food content with exceptional ease. Where others are experts in one field, Rosemary has her fingers in all the pies. Her Facebook following is a healthy 17,000, with her Instagram almost double that figure. It’s easy to see why she clocks up such high numbers; her approach to life is refreshingly honest, and her opinions are raw, and quite often controversial.

Having said that, her website still holds some of the parallels of other great social media influencers. An aesthetically pleasing web space with carefully crafted content and stunning photography are part and parcel of most successful bloggers portfolios.Her website has all of these great features in spades. However, what really sets Rosemary apart from the rest of the herd is her unique voice. She delivers thought provoking content on many women’s issues, and has the ability to make you re-examine your thinking on subjects that in another world, wouldn’t even cross your mind. STD chats anyone? She also makes awesome YouTube videos, if you fancy listening to her Irish lilt.

Her journey to a more fit and healthy lifestyle has been an inspiring one. Take a look at her progress photos and try not to be impressed. I double dare you. While many bloggers go down the road of filters and Photoshop’s, Rosemary keeps it real. And that’s why she is my blogger of the week. With Rosemary, what you see is what you get.

Have a sticky beak here.

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