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Blogger Profile: Nikkie Tutorials

Blogger Profile-Nikkie Tutorials

When you think YouTube tutorials I’m sure only one beauty guru comes to mind, and that is Nikkie Tutorials.

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With over three million subscribers and based in The Netherlands, Nikkie has earned her right to be one of the best beauty gurus in the world of YouTube. She started making videos back in 2008 where she used her mother’s digital camera and made amateur makeup tutorials.

Blogger Profile-Nikkie TutorialsThrough hard work, persistence, and of course makeup, Nikkie quickly became The Netherlands top beauty guru. Her story is truly inspirational, because she was soon contacted by top makeup artist Pascale Tesser and to attend fashion and makeup school B Academy in Amsterdam.

Jump forward years later and Nikkie is now one of the most respected and followed beauty YouTuber. Her style is edgy with a hint of glam, and she is never shy about how much makeup she wears or how much it changes her features. Her tutorials are educational and funny all at the same time.

Blogger Profile-Nikkie Tutorials

She’s known for her amazing celebrity inspired makeup looks, packing on the glitter eyeshadow, and she also started the aftershave primer trend (she started using Nivea Post Shave Sensitive Balm as a makeup primer and now everyone has jumped on the bandwagon). The balm’s second main ingredient is glycerine, which means makeup sticks to it like glue!

Check out one if Nikkie’s tutorials below.

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