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The Best Workouts To Try In LA

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Travelling often makes your exercise routine a little difficult to commit to. Long plane rides, great food and wanting to see what the city has to offer can distract you from your fitness goals and make you come back from your holiday a little heavier than when you left, which is an issue – especially if you’ve just bought clothes on your trip. 

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When in Los Angeles, there are so many options for exercise, with Hollywood dwellers always keen to get the perfect bod, so there should be no excuse to not try out the city’s most famous workouts. Work up a sweat and do a little star spotting, or just feel famous yourself when you hit the best workouts to try in LA and keep off that American holiday weight that we all know creeps on.

Soul Cycle

Demi Lovato and Khloe Kardashian love Soul Cycle. Half dance party, half vomit-inducing spin class, Soul Cycle is a must-try when you’re in the Los Angeles area. You’ll be guaranteed to burn those burger induced calories and maybe even sweat it up next to a celeb. As you move to the beat, Soul Cycle also incorporates upper body exercises, so you can have a full body workout. There are Soul Cycle studios all around California, so get cycling!

Hike Runyon Canyon

Up in the Santa Monica mountains is where the celebs like to exercise. Besides hitting the great outdoors and getting as fresh air as Los Angeles offers, you’ll see some fantastic views when you hike Runyon Canyon, like the Hollywood Sign and the Sunset Strip. You might even see a celeb or two and the track, which is mostly sand and gravel will have to working hard.

Carrie’s Pilates Plus

Pilates classes are very popular among celebs. You can work up a burn and target important areas of the body for an allover svelte look, but Carrie’s Pilates Plus is a little more than your average pilates. A combined workout of cross training, weight training, cardio and pilates means this killer workout is targeting your whole body. This one is a must try.

Bike Rides Along Venice Beach

Bike riding along Venice Beach is both a sight seeing activity and exercise. Hire a bike and spend the afternoon seeing what Venice has to offer. You’ll burn some calories and make sure you can afford dessert!

Hot Yoga

A class that is guaranteed to push you to the limits and eliminate all the toxins from your body, Hot Yoga is very popular in LA. Yoga is practiced in a warm room and by warm we mean hot, pushing your body to its limits and allowing your muscles to stretch further, releasing all the built up toxins.

Barry’s Bootcamp

For a classic Hollywood workout, head to Barry’s Bootcamp. Famed in LA, Barry’s Bootcamp is a signature cardio and strength workout that runs for an hour an aims to burn as many as 1000 calories. Yep, you know it’s going to be good. With loud music and low light, the classes will make you feel like you’re doing bootcamp in a nightclub!

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