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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

best sunglasses for face shape

The one thing that a girl should always have with her for summer days is a killer pair of shade. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, reduce squinting that can cause crows feet and make a fabulous accessory, plus a great shield for checking out hotties on the beach!

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Finding the right pair of sunglasses can depend on your face shape, so it’s crucial to suss out what your face looks like to choose the most complementary pair of sunnies for you!

Heart-shaped face

The heart shaped face is characterised by a wide forehead, high cheek bones (lucky) and a narrow jaw-line. The best shape of sunglasses for the heart shaped face is a cat’s eye. Whether it’s a dramatic or subtle cat’s eye shape, it’s guaranteed to suit your face and give you an old school glam look.

best sunglasses for face shape
Quay $50

Oval-shaped face

The oval shaped face is quite even in the balance of features with a slightly narrower forehead and chin. If you scored an oval shaped face, consider yourself quite lucky. Oval shaped faces can get away with many types of sunglasses shapes, the only thing to be concerned with is the size.

best sunglasses for face shape
Quay $50

Round-shaped face

The soft, round shaped face is quite circular and almost equal in width and length. To create definition and angles in your face, a structured wayfarer sunglasses shape works very well.

best sunglasses for face shape
Ray-Ban $199.95

Square-shaped face

If you’ve got strong features in your jawline, cheeks and forehead, you probably have a square shaped face. If you use angles to balance out a round face, then you use curves to balance out a square face. Rounded sunglasses are great for adding the softness to a square shaped face, but just be careful of the size.

best sunglasses for face shape
Mink Pink $39.95

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