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The Best Healthy Smoothies For Breakfast

Ever wake up in the morning and, after your first cup of coffee, you don’t feel like eating. Well there’s a option without to much effort: Smoothies!

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They’re healthy and super delicious. All you need to do is add the ingredients and let the blender do the work.Β Read more for the best smoothies to keep you healthy and full until lunch time.

1. The All-Green Smoothie

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Spinach and green Grape smoothie is perfect because it has a mixture of vegetables and fruit. To make it extra tasty, add some coconut milk.

The grapes will sweeten your smoothie and on the plus side the health benefits. It has nutrients in it which can slow down the ageing process, Yes please! and it’s extremely good for the heart.

2. Fruity Colourful Smoothie

Health, Smoothies, Breakfast

An all fruit smoothie is perfect for fruit lovers, enjoy the sweetness and plus all the benefits for your health.

Whatever fruit you like, add it with some yogurt and water. All the top health benefits in one.

Words of advice, have a different type of berry smoothie each week and a really extra good ingredient would be bananas, which is really good for your heart, any illnesses and it will boost your mood. Any type of berries are really tasty and high in nutrition plus you will feel refreshed for the day.

3. Cinnamon and Cocoa Powder Smoothie

Health, Smoothies, Breakfast

Yum, Yum! Cinnamon and Cocoa powder. Definitely yes, you will have a chocolatey tang without needing chocolate and the cinnamon will add a little spice with a sweet touch to it.

You can add some bananas to it for a fruity flavour and for an extra nutty taste, use almond milk.

This mixture is perfect for chocolate lovers as you still in some way have the taste and the nutrients is good for your health and mind, as you all know that chocolate is the best for when you’re in a bad mood and need comfort.

Wake up, have your morning coffee and then get stuck into your healthy but still tasty smoothies. We love it!

Images: Grant Cornett, Pinterest and PopSugar

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