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Beauty Tips For Sick Days

Winter is definitely on its way, and it sure is bringing the cold and flu season along with it! Most days, when you’re sick, you’d rather stay in bed and Netflix all day. But the majority of us unlucky folk have to get out of our warm sheets and face the world, even if we’re feeling and looking less than presentable. Here are our top beauty tips for not letting on that you’re feeling under this gloomy weather!

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1. Don’t skimp on skincare

When you’re sick, your skin can absolutely hate you! Redness, dryness and breakouts are all normal yet annoying symptoms some of us can get when we’re not feeling the best. It’s so important to treat and pamper your skin. Treating the problems, rather than relying only on makeup to conceal them is much better for long-term results. This means moisturiser, heavy-duty eye cream like Simple’s Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream ($19.99, available from Priceline) and a generous coating of lip balm. Remember, prevention is better than cure (and concealer!).

2. Balance and brighten

Now that your skin is hopefully on it’s way to repair, you should concentrate on the next obvious sign of illness: dark under eye circles. Ditch the full-coverage stuff, and opt for a brightening concealer like Ellis Faas’ Concealer ($49, available from Priceline) or Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer ($14.95, available from Priceline) which will both cover and illuminate your under eyes for the illusion of plumpness and well-rested eyes.

3. Bring back the glow

Say goodbye to powders, and hello to creams and a glowing complexion! A matte face, while great at keeping oily skin at bay, can emphasise dryness and uneven texture that can occur on sick days. Stick to liquids and creams, instead, especially with blush and illuminators to give a youthful, effortless appearance.

4. Waterproof… everything!

Teary eyes are another unfortunate but necessary result of your body trying to stave off illness. While the eyes are watering, it’s best to stick to waterproof eye products like gel eyeliners and mascaras like Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara ($17.95, available from Priceline). This will make sure that the midday panda eyes do not make an appearance!

5. Get on board with glossy lips

Ditching the albeit trendy matte lips for a gloss like Innoxa Full Colour Lip Cream ($14.95, available from Priceline) can do wonders for your lips that could be feeling red and chapped at the moment. Layering on thick creams and lipsticks onto your kissers can promote dryness and emphasise cracked lips, so gloss is the way to go (for now)!

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