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Beauty Hacks For A Natural Look

natural cara

Ditch the whole contour and highlighting trend and show off your natural facial features instead. The iconic natural look normally seems like it takes a crazy amount of time and products. But we will share with you some tips and tricks to bring out the best in you.

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All about that base

selena natural foundation

The thing that many of us get wrong when going for a natural look is the choice of our foundation. When picking your base, it should not be noticeable that you have foundation and concealer on. It’s important to pick an oil free foundation if you have oily skin and if you’re on the drier side then opt for tinted moisturisers and foundations that are moisturising. The key is not to go matte as the texture makes it look more like makeup then skin.

Full brows

cara full brows

We have all been there. The over plucking situation. The phase where your beautician took a bit too much off and reassured you that it looked good. You tried convincing yourself but then you took an oath of not going back there. Ever. Although doing your brows can be a good way to maintain them, going to beautician is key when shaping. Keeping brows thick and full can give you a youthful appearance. Who doesn’t want to look forever young? The thing to remember about brows is that they frame your face, so whatever you do, handle them with care.

Long curled lashes

curled lashes

There’s something about long curled lashes that make them look so flattery. A quick way to add some volume to your lashes is to give a few squeezes of your eyelash curler to your lashes. It is important to start near the lash line and work you way up while curving it up towards your eyelids. Hello voluminous lashes, goodbye mascara.

Effortless hair

effortless hair waves

There are those of us who want silky straight hair or voluminous waves and curls. The bad thing about these wants is that you have to use heat to style it which damages your hair and sucks the moisture out of it. To wake up with beautiful effortless hair, put your hair in sections and plait them. Open up these plaits and you will have naturally effortless waves.

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