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The Benefits of Using Face Oil

It’s time to ditch your facial moisturisers ladies, there is a new hero in town. Facial oils are trending in the beauty world this season – and for all the right reasons.

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Facial Oil
Leap Organic Facial Oil

Studies have shown that using moisturisers to hydrate your skin can actually have an opposite effect. Because a majority of drugstore moisturisers are made with chemicals that are unfamiliar to our bodies, they can react and in turn, cause skin irritations, dryness, redness or uneven skin tone. Cosmetic and Medical Dermatologist from New York, Dr Gervaise Gerstner, explains that facial oils are an excellent way to get antioxidants and vitamins into the skin; “Oils are absorbed quickly, and soften the appearance of fine lines”.

Facial Oils
Tula Natural Face and Body Oil

Not sold yet? Try it for yourself and see the difference. I began using a facial oil from Tula Naturals (pictured above) about two months ago and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin tone and overall complexion. Better yet, it is lasting forever considering I am very liberal with my usage. What girl doesn’t want everlasting beauty products?!

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Alternatively, you could try mixing a blend at home and adding in some essential oils. The product might be a heavier than a purpose made cosmetic oil, but it will be a great overnight mask for you to experiment with!

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