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Luxury Must-Have: Hermès Apple Watch

apple watch hermes, collaboration

If you ever wanted to pick up one of those cool Apple watches but thought that it wasn’t stylish enough for your liking, then this was made expressly for you.

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Apple has partnered up with luxury Parisian label Hermès to bring you all the smarts of an Apple watch with a chic design to sit on your wrist.

In a line that Apple and Hermès have developed, the smart watch has a customised Hermès face with a single tour, double tour or cuff authentic leather band. Famous for its leather goods, Hermès is the perfect collaboration with Apple to add Parisian style ethos to San Franciscan intelligence.

apple watch hermes, collaboration

The Hermès leather band comes in black, blue, red and tan to suit all styles. The Apple Watch Hermès watches start at $1100 and hit a maximum of $1500 – a stark contrast to Hermès Birkin Bags, but similar to their smaller priced goods. The watches are available at some Apple and Hermès stores in select locations around the world.

apple watch hermes, collaboration

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