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Dealing With Annoying Air Travellers

It’s the holiday season, and as many of us prepare to jet off far – very far – away from our busy lives, we all but forget the indignities that more or less attach themselves to the art of travelling.

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It’s the horrible side of travelling, overlooked at first by glamorous photoshopped shoots of coconut trees and tropical resorts, discounted fares and an ideological sense of ‘short term freedom’.

That uncontrolled misbehaviour of a child, constant chatter and incessant snorting of phlegm. It’s no wonder we find ourselves exhausted after these flights.

Here are the top annoying passengers I’ve experienced this holiday season.

Bad B.O.

flight, smelly passengers, bad BO

Nothing’s worst that preparing for a seven hour flight, stuck behind a passenger who’s smelling like the streets of Bangkok and Beijing put together.

It’s hard to control the temptation of stealthily canon bombing your Rexona stress relief roll on over the seat like a grenade, then pretending you’re asleep as they peer round. (Your imagination runs wild during desperate times.)

Slow Isle Movers flight, baggage, overhead compartment

I was lucky to be seated when I witnessed this head banging moment. A man purposely taking his time putting his bag in the overhead compartment, while passengers patiently waited a good few minutes as he stretched his arms out, checked his phone and chatted with his fellow travellers. All but ‘oblivious’ to the queue behind him.

Refusing To Switch Off 

flying, passengers, mobile phone. switch off

The same man, as mentioned above was repeatedly asked to switch off his mobile phone during take off. Please, you’ll survive your five minutes of disconnection to the cyber world.

After enduring five flights in the last three weeks packed to the brim with kickers, sneezers, criers and slow isle space hoggers; I’m now sitting in my Bangkok hotel room, mentally preparing myself for my return flight back to Australia.

I’m hoping I make it back with a little of my soul left in tack, so I can painstakingly sow it back together.

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Ready to be torn apart once again on my next holiday.

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