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Add A Touch Of The Outdoors To Your Hair

floral hair

The age old style of braiding your hair is back with a modern twist – flowers. By adding flowers to your hair you’ll get that perfect bohemian style to complete any look. A popular attire for weddings, floral pieces create a feminine and ‘nature loving’ appearance.  

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Giving you the ultimate romantic style you can select from a range of your favourite flowers and wear them proudly in your hair. It’s as simple as three easy steps:

1. Braid your hair leaving a few loose pieces around your face. (French braids are preferable as there are more places to plant your flowers when you’re done.)

2. Grab some clip in flowers (or if you’re truly daring – some flowers from your garden) and pin them into place throughout your braid. Be careful not to put them too close together, just scatter them along the entire plait.

3. Using a hair curler, curl the loose pieces around your face to create a more bohemian appearance and voilà you have a lovely hair alternative.

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