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5 Tips To Keep Tidy

keeping tidy

Staying tidy or keeping your house and room clean can be a huge effort for some people! It’s easier to quickly chuck your clothes on the floor or the bed than it is to put them straight away.

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If you’re the kind of person that thinks ‘I’ll do it later’, then you know that ‘later’ ends up being the next day…and before you know it everything is in disarray and your house is trashed.

They say that a tidy environment is a more productive environment, so here are 5 tips to keep your environment super tidy!

  1. PUT IT STRAIGHT AWAY! Instead of leaving your clothes on the floor once you’ve changed, put them back in your closet. It only takes 2 seconds longer and will leave you mess free, and the more you do it the sooner it’ll become a habit. Same thing with your dishes. Once you’ve finishes eating, take your dishes to the sink clean them as soon as you’re done. This will save you from a pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned at a later time.
  2. GET RID OF CLUTTER. Clutter is actually creating more mess for you to worry about. If there’s clothes on your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a year, get rid of them. If there’s magazines lying around, get rid of them. Even if you have old furniture lying around that’s unnecessary, chuck it out! You don’t need that extra clutter in your life.
  3. TAKE BREAKS. Don’t sit there thinking that you need to spend the whole day cleaning the house, because the more you think about how long it’ll take, the more put off you’ll be about doing it. Instead, break it down into hours or even different days. Spend 1 hour tidying one part of your room or house and then take a break. After a while more onto the next task and spend another hour on that. If you feel like you’ve done too much then leave it for the next day.keeping tidy
  4. START WITH THE EASY STUFF. It’s daunting when you think about re-organising your closet or going through your CD’s and Books and DVD’s. Instead, start off with the easy stuff like simply making your bed, maybe even decluttering your bedside table, or re-organising the couch cushions. Once all the easy stuff has been knocked off your list you can tackle the big stuff.
  5. TAKE THINGS OFF COUNTERS. A hack to look tidy without actually being tidy is to keep things off of your counters, like dressers, kitchen and bathroom counters etc. When you take away clutter that’s sitting on top of these spaces your place looks tidier and put together than it actually is!

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